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Gilbert C. Parris

New York Criminal Lawyer

The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris exist to help individuals accused of a crime navigate the legal system and achieve the best outcome possible. Mr. Parris uses the combination of years of legal experience and being a father to passionately and emphatically put himself in the shoes of every client he represents. He represents real people that are scared, confused, or intimidated, and acts as their biggest supporter and gives them security knowing they have a strong person fighting hard for them every day.

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Why Gilbert C. Parris?

I started my practice to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. They used to call us a “mouthpiece” because you can’t speak in court since everything you say can be held against you. I give a voice to my clients.”

In today’s climate, there needs to be a sense of justice when people are accused of crimes. Mr. Parris has seen too much injustice both as a former prosecutor and a defense attorney. Gilbert C. Parris has chosen criminal defense to help give balance to the scales of justice and better protect the rights of the accused.  

Manhattan Criminal Defense: Understand Your Case

Aside from aggressively fighting on your behalf, Mr. Parris helps you understand what is happening every step of the way, the potential consequences, and what your best options are for an optimal outcome. Your documents will be accessible through Mr. Parris’ tracking system, and you’ll always have a clear understanding of procedures and strategy. 

manhattan criminal lawyer

Who Does Gilbert C. Parris Represent?

Mr. Parris represents clients that are both accused of and being investigated for federal and state crimes. As a former prosecutor Mr. Parris has a “behind the scenes” understanding of the thought process of a prosecutor and the shifting procedures of the DA’s offices. When you work with The Law Offices of Gilbert C. Parris you get a custom-tailored experience that keeps you informed and gives you the best chance for a favorable outcome. 

A Highly Experienced NYC Criminal Lawyer


When you need a criminal defense lawyer that will aggressively defend you, often the choice comes down to philosophy and values. Criminal defense lawyers on average all have a good enough understanding of the law. But what sets a good criminal defense lawyer apart from a great one is their mindset and how they view their role.

I approach every client the same way. I start by putting myself in their shoes. Then I imagine having to hire a lawyer for my son, and I ask myself – am I doing everything I would want that lawyer to do? I doing everything I would want my attorney to do for me?  My approach is simple but effective. I treat my clients the same way I would want my son and myself to be treated. This mindset and approach allow me to consistently utilize all of my experience and passion to get the best possible outcome for each and every client. Expertise is not enough – you have to really care.

Criminal defense lawyer Gilbert C. Parris has been practicing criminal law for over 20 years. He spent years on the other side working as a State Prosecutor in Kings County, NY. He leverages his unique experience on both sides of the courtroom to build strong defense strategies for every client.

Aggressive Reliable Representation